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CA Calkins
C.A. Calkins
1930 canned salmon label

In 1914, starting with nails and horseshoes, C.A. Calkins was a pioneer in developing trade with Asia and building long-term relationships with overseas suppliers. With his drive for success and innovation, he saw the potential of canned salmon and made it a key product for our company. Over the years, the Calkins family has continued to be a leader and innovator in the international food trading market by bringing in unique products and packaging concepts. With changing times, the company has adapted to different market needs and has a history of trading other products beyond food including steel, champagne, wine, and nuts and bolts.

“A quality of leadership is recognizing an opportunity and successfully pursuing it, sometimes against the common wisdom of the day.”

Today, the fourth generation of Calkins family members guides our business from Vancouver, Canada. We are committed to sourcing and delivering high quality food products to our clients worldwide. Along with our full-service expertise in trading and logistics, we have invested in a number of federally registered fish buying and processing plants that meet either MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) or GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certifications. We take pride in the products we supply and are responsive to our customer’s needs.

Our Mission

100 Years of Service – Our Staff. Our Friends.

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To serve an international diversified base of retail and food service markets by procuring and delivering foodstuffs from around the world that meet our individual clients’ environmental and ethical standards. Calkins & Burke will achieve its mission by following the principles upon which it was founded by C.A. Calkins in 1914.

As a prosperous, innovative family enterprise, Calkins & Burke Limited will continue to deliver long-term career opportunities and financial security for employees and their families, a solid return on investment for financial partners, excellent customer service and quality products.

Historical Timeline

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