Calkins & Burke Shelf Stable

A leader in procuring innovative food and packaging solutions to meet your target audience.

Our staff have decades of experience sourcing and working with international markets to meet your distribution needs. Whether you’re looking for canned, pouched, dried, jarred or other food packaging, we can help you find the right option.

Example of some shelf-stable food items we offer include:

  • Seafood – salmon, tuna, clams, crabmeat, mussels, oysters, sardines
  • Fruits – pineapple, peaches, mandarin oranges, pears, fruit cocktail, cranberries, mangos
  • Vegetables – mushrooms, tomatoes, corn, artichokes, beans , jalapenos, peppers, pumpkin, olives, bamboo shoots
  • Beverages – coconut milk and water, aloe water
  • Oil – Coconut, canola, olive
    Sauces – Chili, tomatoes, tahini, worcestershire

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